We have collaborated with leading actors in the following industries: :

•    Retail
•    Banks and public administrations
•    Pharmaceutical laboratories
•    Textile industries

•    AAA Group coordinated a project for an international leasing company to refurbish stock of 30,000 laptops :
Reverse logistics management of 10 to 30 pieces of equipment per week from five different centers in Madrid.
Technical audit and equipment repair.
Computer delivery to corresponding centers.

•    Management of equipment repurchasing operations for a leading aeronautical company in Toulouse (France) :
Removal of 1,294 microcomputer equipment units from the company headquarters.
Technical audit
Equipment resale optimization.

•    Delivery management of POS materials from a major German discount retail distributor to the recycling center:
Removal of 4,000 units.
Stock inventory, recycling and resale.

•    I.T. equipment resale operation for a major worldwide Swiss pharmaceutical laboratory:
Reverse logistics of 2,268 pieces of equipment from two buildings located in the center of Barcelona (packaging and pallet loading of all materials).
Technical audit and equipment resale.

•    I.T. equipment migration operations:
Reception and inventory of 362 new computers at our warehouse
Mastering of 115 units at our laboratory
Rollout, installation and configuration of the new mastered equipment at the client’s premises
Removal and resale of,old and uninstalled machines.

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